• Cherripick Team

Purpose-driven shoppers are real - time to support them

Recent research by IBM and the National Retail Federation points to a changing landscape for brands and retailers in the form of key consumer shopping habits. With over 19,000 surveys completed this is a study worth digging into.

Highlights include:

  • Transparency matters

  • "Brand purpose surpasses cost and convenience for today's shoppers."

  • Consumers are seeking those that are sustainable, transparent and aligned with core values

  • Many are willing to pay more for such transparency and trace-ability

By the numbers:

  • 1/3 of all consumers say they would stop buying preferred brands if they lose trust

  • 70% of shoppers paid a 35% premium for sustainable purchases

  • 57% said they are willing to changes habits to help reduce negative environmental impacts

What a grocer gets by working with Cherripick, as it relates to these findings:

  • An opportunity to be transparent with customers about food that is likely to be wasted

  • A sustainable impact service that engages shoppers in commerce first

  • A habit changing opportunity to fully embed waste reduction as part of some shoppers ethos

  • An opportunity to attract new shoppers to your business and reward them for doing so

  • A chance to connect the dots for 57% of shoppers who want to see their purchases reduce negative environmental impacts

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