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No one loses when we reduce food waste together

At Cherripick we mention this time and time again: No one loses when we reduce food waste together. In this post we will break down the mindset behind this statement, to make it clear to anyone who encounters Cherripick what we are all about.

"No one loses"

With any new way of looking at the word there are naysayers, folks who just don't get what you're doing, or those who don't fit in with your approach. And that's not only understandable but also completely fine.

However, in the broader context of smartly managing resources, ensuring businesses thrive and provide jobs, helping families make ends meet, or fostering better habits across a broad swath of your community, the knock-on effects can be very important. So, when we say 'no one loses' we are referring to the tangible benefits shoppers and grocers gain from Cherripick but also the broader society that may not encounter our little slice of the world.

And to be clear, we are serving specific groups of folks. Here's a snapshot of those we serve and the value you can gain by adopting Cherripick, whether for your store or your household.

"When we reduce food waste"

Can you recall a time or moment when your mom told you to, "finish your food"? Or maybe you have a spouse who laments the wasting of leftovers. Either way, it's that moment, when the food is physically thrown away, that something can stir inside of us that says, 'this isn't right'.

When we describe what Cherripick does and how a potential user can earn cashback by buying food nearing expiration the responses often include a reference to a time when someone experienced food waste and how that made them feel.

Now imagine you're that person standing in a grocery store isle looking over a selection of eggs, milk, veggies, or meat. You will likely encounter several of the same item at the same price, but one item's expiration date is 10 days away, another is 5 days, and then one is within 2 days. Something may stir inside you to think, 'I'm going to buy the one that has the longest shelf-life so I don't end up wasting it'. Sound familiar? Did you know that most of those dates aren't a statement about when a product actually goes bad, as in you shouldn't eat it, but are merely a reference to "freshness"? As in, it's often totally fine to eat that food past that date, especially if it was frozen prior to the date.

You see, food goes to waste in grocery stores because of those dates more than any other reason. Food that's perfectly fine, edible, and worthy of being sold. It's an impression, not a requirement.

So next time you're standing in an aisle, looking at dates, remember that is the moment you may be thinking the item with 10 days left will help reduce food waste, when in fact it's likely helping to cause it.

If it's within 3 days or less, Cherripick it!


Not to sound to warm and fuzzy but if we are to truly make an impact, change habits, improve business processes, and create better outcomes for everyone, we will have to do it together.

As we stated in our last blog post here it takes three to tango in the world of Cherripick. Grocers who are genuinely interested in reducing food waste, shoppers who want to do the same or save enough money each month to buy their kids something special or even just cover their Netflix subscription, and us, the Cherripick team and our app.

We are committed to ensuring that when we say, "No one loses when we reduce food waste together" that it's not just lip service.

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