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Co-Creation: How to Curb Food Waste while Creating Value

The term ‘waste’ is readily acknowledged as a process by which the value of something has been lost.

We waste ‘time’, ‘money’, ‘opportunities’, ‘energy’, and even our ‘breath’.

The world is starting to realize that ‘food waste’ is an area where we should be doing something about it; even the Pope says so. A challenge as embedded as food waste is, across all sectors of food from farming, to grocery stores, to the scraps we shove off our plates, calls for a re-imagining of how we do things.

At Cherripick we are building a marketplace where shoppers and grocery stores come together to co-create a solution that realizes the value of food before it becomes ‘waste’. If complex businesses that operate at a global scale, such as DHL, Unilever & Coca Cola , and others can leverage the power of Co-Creation, so too can grocery retailers.

This article from Retail Touch Points in 2017 points to research that, “revealed five key shopper trends transforming the global retail relationship:

1. Co-Creation is the future of retail innovation;

2. Fresh is the gateway to shopper loyalty;

3. A new dimension of private brand is emerging;

4. Conversational engagement must extend outside the store; and

5. Seamless integration with mobile is a must.

Cherripick offers grocery retailers an opportunity to Co-Create a Food Waste Solution, in concert with their customers, in ways that align with the trends listed above:

1. We open the door for shoppers to derive value, in the form of a reward, for buying food that is nearing the date on the packaging. In the process, the shopper and grocer co-create a solution to the portion of food that spent time on the shelves, to only be removed and sent back to vendors, or disposed of.

The innovation here is that grocers often perceive this as problematic, for a variety of reasons, but our users have shown that when given the chance to make a valuable buying decision, they are taking that opportunity to reduce ‘waste’.

2. Due to the nature of limiting the available selection of food to those items whose date is fast approaching, we’ve constrained the offering to primarily fresh, perishable foods. The key is to recognize that ‘Freshness is in the eye of the shopper’ and some shoppers know that food date labels are often but a suggestion of freshness, not an actual expiration.

3. Private brands offer grocers a way to retain and increase loyalty, when the shopper comes into their store to buy those specific brands. But those brands also come with risks that vendor supported return programs might not cover. Cherripick is to private brand perishables what vendor reclamation is to non-private brands, with a unique benefit – a cost recovery mechanism that fosters purchasing and continues to advance loyalty in the form of shoppers who now see their favorite brands as contributing to waste reduction.

4. Through our app, online community, and social media, we are fostering engagement on food date labeling practices, in-home waste reduction, value recovery, food budgeting, and connecting with other folks who feel that zero waste is a target we should strive for.

5. Our solution is a mobile app by design.Because mobile is where we live, shop, buy, read, engage, and collect the stories of our lives’, day-in and day-out. We offer users a reason to open our app, after they visit a local grocery store to buy food, and unlike other apps that dominate our mobile phones, Cherripick rewards users for doing so.

We invite you to download Cherripick, create an account, and shop at your own store.

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