Cherripick Rule of 3's

A third of almost all food produced is wasted. ( FAO )

At the retail level this has to do with a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to, consumer preferences, confusion over dating practices, inventory management practices, theft by shoppers and employees, distribution related issues, and embedded practices of writing off a certain amount of waste by the grocers and their supply partners.

Our app currently focuses on offering cashback for items purchased within three days of expiration.

Food within three days of hitting it's 'best by', 'sell by' or 'use by' date is at risk of being passed over by the average shopper, discounted by the retailer to try move that inventory, or thrown away due to varying legal requirements grocers face with donating food to food recovery programs and non-profits.

The trifecta of impacts for rewarding food waste reduction.

At Cherripick we believe it when we say, 'No one loses when we reduce food waste together'.

The shoppers who use Cherripick gain cashback whether they are seeking to eat healthy for less, extend their food budget, make a difference with their purchases, or purchase fresh food at a better price. The grocers gain by enjoying the sales that come along with that as well as helping their communities combat a persistent problem. Society gains by fostering better habits involving food date awareness, reducing the impacts of food waste, and creating opportunities for the less fortunate to access fresh food for less.

To reduce the overall amount of waste we must address the problems in each sector, provide the proper context, motivation, and solutions to solve the issue of food waste. Join us in this effort so we can all benefit.

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