• Cherripick Team

A New Year, A New Way To Save

With the new year fast approaching many of you will be making resolutions to improve things in 2020 whether that's your job, health, finances, or relationships with those around you, be they friends, family, or coworkers.

We've prepared the Top 5 Ways Cherripick can help you, or those you know, in the new year.

1. Save money on groceries - Food purchases account for nearly $550 per month per American household. Earning cashback on grocery store purchases is easy with Cherripick. Remember, if it's within 3 days #cherripick it!

We offer 10% of the purchase price right now and will be expanding our participating stores list real soon which could push that to 20-30% of the purchase price. Over the course of the year you could earn $100-$350 (estimate) on buying the same food you've been buying all along.

2. Help your bottom line (businesses) - If you own or manage a grocery store, work in the corporate office for a grocery chain, or even just help stock the shelves, you could improve your professional standing by helping improve the bottom line. Cherripick helps grocery stores turn 'trash into cash' by rewarding your customers for helping reduce food waste. And we do this in a way that's easy for the business to adopt and for your customers to use.

What do you have to lose?

3. Healthy eating - Whether your doctor says to, your friends encourage you to, or you just know 'it's time for change', eating healthier is a good idea. And while we are not healthy eating experts ourselves, a couple things we subscribe too are common wisdom - eating fresh vegetables is a key part of a healthy diet and yogurt is beneficial for gut health.

Our User Insights Report from November showed more than 50% of the items claimed were fresh produce, salad kits, and yogurt. With Cherripick you can eat healthy and save!

4. Save money and help the planet - Some of you may be seeking ways to do less environmental harm with your purchases. With Cherripick you earn cashback on groceries that are nearing expiration, which means your purchase of those items is directly linked to helping reduce the impact of food waste on our planet and society. You don't have to be a Food Waste Warrior to feel good and get paid for doing your part.

5. Helping those who are less fortunate - When it comes to those who are less fortunate one of the biggest struggles is getting enough food on the table. There are serious trade-offs that some folks have to make every time they step into a grocery store, do they buy fresh veggies (that are healthier but more expensive) or the high sugar content, cheap, processed foods that fill their kids tummies in the short term.

This is true for older folks who live on very limited income, families who work multiple low-income jobs, the disabled, or those who use EBT (commonly known as food stamps) to help supplement their food budgets.

Our little app can help those types of folks expand their food budget. If you know someone experiencing such food insecurity please share Cherripick with them. You'd be surprised how much a couple bucks per trip to the store can add up for these folks. It could be the difference between affording healthier foods, buying balloons for a birthday party (can't buy those with food stamps), or having enough to buy a medication they really need.

Whatever you choose to save in the New Year we'd love to be part of the solution to your resolution.

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