Let's shrink your shrink

Our mission is to reward those who reduce food waste. 


This applies for the grocery retailers and brands that our users visit, buy, and consume. 


There’s no incentive to buy the short-dated items

  • Shoppers cherry pick the back of the shelf 

  • U.S. spends over $218 billion on food that is never eaten

  • ~$1,000 of food is thrown out each day by a grocery store


  • Confusion related to expiration dates leads to higher waste​


A mobile app that rewards shoppers for buying food within 3 days of expiration.


  • Increase Revenue

  • Reward Shoppers

  • FIFO Actualized

  • Reduce Food Waste

  • Optimize Labor

  • Food Waste Insights

  • Food Waste Reduction PR 

Turn Trash Into Cash!

Three Steps to Risk-Free Pilot

It's as easy as...

  1. Pick Pilot Stores 

  2. Choose Cashback Reward 

  3. Sign Services Agreement

Co-Marketing (optional)

We partner with grocers and brands to encourage awareness and adoption of Cherripick to drive results. We do so via social/digital campaigns, in-store shelf display, and traditional media outlets.

Use the calculator below to estimate the impact of adopting Cherripick across 100 units of items/categories where you see the highest waste.

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