Earn Cashback on Groceries Nearing 'Best By Date'

What’s Cherripick Cashparilla? 
An event taking place in Tampa Bay throughout the month of April.

It’s a Food Waste Action Event!

Think Gasparilla, but a treasure hunt for grocery items

within 3 days of their best by date where shoppers earn 10-30% cashback

for finding and buying it!


Cherripick Inc. has created a $1000 pool of cashback for all initial claims

and the available cashback can increase with grocer participation.

So go out and find items nearing their best by date,

and claim your piece of the treasure.

How does the app work?

Simply buy groceries within 3 days of their 'best by' date

and use the Cherripick app:

  • Snap receipt

  • Snap item with date 

  • Viola! You’ve earned cashback.  

When & Where?

The event is scheduled to start on April 1st and run through the end of the month and will take place in Tampa Bay Florida. 

April is Food Waste Awareness Month in the U.S. It's the best time to hold a Cashparilla and help Tampa Bay shoppers act on this issue. 

How do I participate?


It's simple: shop like you normally would, just buy items that are within 3 days of their 'best by' date, and use the app to earn cashback.

(Note: We use 'best by' to denote all references to dates on food packaging whether those are 'best by', 'sell by', 'use by', 'best if used by' or 'EXP' followed by a date.)

What stores can I earn cashback in?


For the Tampa Bay Cashparilla, cashback rewards will be available in Aldi, Dollar General, Target, and Publix stores. Cherripick will keep an updated list of participating or sponsoring retailers and announce them as they join the Cashparilla event. 

Find a store here: www.cherripick.com/storelocator 

How much cash are we talking about?


10% cashback for all groceries that are within three days of the date on their package and 30% cashback on items purchased on the same day. That’s 10-30% cashback on yogurt, cheese, meat, salad kits, baked goods, etc. 

1-3 days till expiration = 10% cashback    0 days till expiration = 30% cashback

At 10% cashback our average user is earning $1.40 per receipt. With the added same day 30% bonus available during the Cashparilla that could easily reach $5 per receipt or more! 

We will also announce special bonuses via social media and email so signup above and folow us online.  

Do you want to make an impact?


Research by IBM said 57% of shoppers want to help contribute to less environmental impact - Here’s your chance to do that AND get paid for doing so! 

Do you believe innovation is important?


Governments are pushing the industry to change how they manage waste - But Cherripick is a way for grocers to make this change while also rewarding their customers. We call that a win-win-win! 

Are you food insecure or struggling to put food on the table?


Feeding America reports that more than 13% of our Tampa Bay is food insecure - We take it seriously that Cherripick is a service that can help you, or those you know, afford more fresh and healthy foods. One of our Co-Founders has been there and understands the pressures of going without necessities. 

Are you a food waste advocate and want to help Cherripick succeed? 

Email us at [email protected] and we will provide a volunteer agreement that shows you how you can get involved. 

Are you a grocery manager or store owner and want to join the event?

Email us at [email protected] and we will provide an overview of our event along with a grocer agreement to sign as well as details on how to bring awareness to the event. 

Are you part of the press and want to bring awareness to Cashparilla? 

Contact us for a press release and other details at [email protected]

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