Setting our sights on 500,000 meals recovered

Updated User Journey

Back in September 2020, we completed a review of the journey we invite Cherripick users to go on. That process ended with a new and more accurate set of benefits that each approved claim provides.

Save Money. Eat Better. Reduce Food Waste.

We then adopted an ESG reporting framework that takes into account the types of food being kept out of a landfill and the impacts that can have on carbon emissions. We also started counting specific categories of fresh foods which are widely regarded as healthier options.
We coupled that with a recognition that some food that earns cashback on our app may have ended up being donated or recovered through other means. We've weighted our category impacts to take this weighting method into account.

A Single User's Impact

The image below reflects an active Cherripick user that joined our app in October, 2019 and this data was compiled as of June, 2020. In just over 7 months this user helped recover 124 meals and this lead to nearly 20,000 LBS of carbon offset. Uniquely, this user claims a large amount of beef which is widely recognized as having the highest carbon footprint of any fresh food.

Projecting 500K Meals Recovered

Using this user's purchasing habits we projected that this user could help save 373 meals per year.

That's over a meal a day!

Taking this a step further we projected how many active users with similar purchasing habits we'd need to hit this milestone. That works out to

just over 1,300 Cherripick users and we call them Champions for contributing to this goal.  

A Three Store Shopping Trip

As part of our Zero Hero campaign in Cleveland we sent a secret shopper into three local grocery stores with the expressed goal of purchasing items that are eligible for cashback using our 3 days or less criteria.

Our Zero Hero was able to find a wide array of items that were nearing, on, or past their best/sell/use by date. Because this selection of items included less meat the carbon offsets weren't as great compared to our existing user. However, we feel this product mix better represents the impact our users have collectively right now across the country in terms of the categories we see claimed.

This diagram below represents the value of the claims by category groupings by color. This value is where we take the weighting into account and an example of that is we project the recovered value of Bakery Fresh goods at 50% as those are much more likely to be donated than Yogurt, or Pizza.

Seeking 75 Retail Locations

Using this three store dataset, we then projected how many locations we'd need so that we could help recover 500K meals.
At an average of 17+ meals per day, per location, we would need approximately 75-80 stores with active users to hit this milestone. One key difference in the data below is that we projected this at a 20% cashback rate.

2021 Targets Realized

We've now set our sites on working with enough retail locations and attracting enough users to achieve this milestone of 500,000 meals recovered by the end of 2021.

We are poised to launch pilots with partners in OH, LA, and FL, so we feel this goal is not only achievable but worthy of our users, our partners, and our planet.